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Introducing Annie Sloan Gilding Waxes

Posted on 21 February 2017

Annie Sloan Gilding Waxes

Restored Home now carries the new gilding waxes by Annie Sloan. They come in a convenient tube and are available in five beautiful colors! Gilding wax is a great way to finish off that special piece you've been working on.

Using Annie Sloan Gilding Wax is as easy as one, two, three! Discover how to get a beautiful metallic finish in this quick tutorial, featuring Chalk Paint® in Old Violet and Annie Sloan Gilding Wax in Bright Gold.

  1. Paint your piece of furniture with Chalk Paint®, moving your brush in all directions to create a rich, textured finish.
  2. Allow the paint to dry. This shouldn't take long – you just want the paint to feel dry to the touch.
  3. Use your fingers to rub Gilding Wax over any areas that you'd like to highlight, such as carvings.
  4. Highlight areas by building up the wax in layers.

Annie Sloan Gilding Waxes

Annie Sloan gilding wax comes in five beautiful colors: Copper, Bright Gold, Dark Silver, Warm Gold, and Bright Silver.

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