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Salvaging Wood Furniture after Flooding

Posted on 01 September 2017

Tips on salvaging your wood furniture after a flood

  •  First, you must clean the piece removing all dirt and mildew. Products like JoMax are excellent at removing mildew.
  • Re-glue any areas that have come apart
  • The doors and drawers may be difficult to close, don't force them. Air should be allowed to circulate on the piece until the wood drys completely. 
  • Dry your piece in a well-shaded and well-ventilated area. Do not expose to the sun, as this may cause the wood to crack or warp. 
Once your piece is completely dry, you can shut the doors and drawers and you should be good to go. If you have water stains after the drying has completed, don't discard the piece, paint it. We recommend Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan or Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint. Both of these products create beautiful finishes that you will love. You can even create a finish that looks like the piece is stained!
As always, if you need any assistance with any finish on your piece, give our shoppe a call. We are always happy to create that custom finish!



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