Circumcision Aftercare: Tips to Help You Maintain Successful Circulation

Circumcision Sydney aftercare is just as important as the actual procedure. Even more so, because the wound is more sensitive, there is a greater possibility that it will become more and more painful during the weeks following. Following a successful procedure, your penis should heal quickly. But sometimes that healing takes longer than expected. Follow these instructions on aftercare to speed up the healing process.

Circulation: After the initial cleaning, you should begin re-circulating the blood with a special gauze pad. It’s normal if the glans: Looks pink or pale (puffy) for a few days after the procedure. Also, has some spots of white blood or a soft yellow crust on the tip of the penis. The normal cycle is to alternate one day of gauze cleaning followed by one day of gauze use. You should change the gauze twice a day, no more than twice per day.

Cleaning: A plastic ring should be placed on top of the foreskin, in order to aid in the cleaning. This plastic ring should be removed when the stitches are removed. Once this plastic ring is no longer required, the foreskin can be placed inside of the vaginal canal. During the first few days after the circumcision, the penis may feel a little sensitive. This sensation will diminish over time, but it’s wise to use a lubricant from time to time, just to make sex feel a little more comfortable.

Hygiene: Like any other type of surgery, routine foreskin cleaning is necessary after every diaper change. To start, take a warm soapy washcloth and gently wash the foreskin with it. This process is called phlebotomy. After this is done, it is important not to ever wash the same area with water again, as it will irritate the skin and make matters much worse. If the area does get dirty, it is recommended that a new cloth or disposable plastic wrap be used. Once this is done, the foreskin can be lubed up and protected with another washcloth to begin its process again.

Care of the Penis: It’s recommended that after every diaper change, the man should pay special attention to his penis. There are certain movements that are okay to make and techniques that should be avoided. For example, masturbation can cause irritation and bleeding. There may also be bacteria in the foreskin which can be transferred into the body when an erection occurs. There are many things which a man can do to minimize any discomfort he may experience. He may choose to avoid sexual intercourse altogether.

Hygiene Products: A man may want to consider using an adult diaper at night. These products are very similar to the ones that baby diapers are made out of. They fit comfortably over the penis and can help keep it clean all night long. Some men may choose to use disposable plastic pieces to help reduce the risk of infection while washing. This should be done at a Laundromat.

Peeing: The foreskin can become infected if it is not cleaned properly after a sexual contact. This can easily be remedied by doing routine exfoliating. Exfoliation is when small pieces of skin are removed so that new skin can grow. This is done before and after each session of masturbation.

Circulation aftercare is very important. It can ensure that the procedure goes smoothly, as well as making for a more comfortable sexual experience. These tips can be applied to just about every situation. It is important to speak with the doctor that is performing the procedure in order to have any further questions answered.