MMA Fighters With a Mixed Martial Arts Background

You might think that the MMA world is reserved for fighters with a boxing, wrestling, or muay Thai background, but there are MMA stars who come from a wide variety of martial arts backgrounds. Extreme Martial Arts competitions have even been won by fighters. Here are three examples from mixed martial arts backgrounds. Before you get too excited, let us take a look at the actual martial art these fighters have studied.

MMA fighters who have a wrestling background

There are many benefits of an MMA fighter with a wrestling background. Wrestlers are strong and explosive and have the ability to fight with great opponents. Additionally, wrestlers know how to cut weight and maximize their durability. A good wrestler is able to intimidate an opponent with his explosive strength. He can use this strength against his opponents to make them fearful.

Dan Severn, a UFC Hall of Famer and wrestler, is a good example of an MMA fighter who has a wrestling background. Severn was an All-American wrestler at Arizona state. His MMA record is 101-19-7. Severn began professional wrestling in 1995. He won many titles and was a part of several promotions, including WWE. Severn is also the only performer with championships in both MMA as well as pro wrestling.

Numerous MMA fighters come from a wrestling background and have been successful. Many fighters with a background in wrestling have won MMA championships, including Kazushi Sakuraba, Ken Shamrock and Frank Shamrock. Besides MMA fighters with a wrestling background, there are also Judo and Sambo fighters who are successful in their chosen sport. However, the governing bodies of each sport do not recognize these two styles.

MMA fighters with a boxing background

You might see a lot fighters with a boxing background when you look at the MMA competition. Boxing is a wonderful form of martial art and fighters with a boxing background are likely to excel in it. Boxing is not only an excellent way to learn the four pillars and build your body’s power. For this reason, boxers are more skilled when it comes to throwing punches, as well as mastering footwork and head movement.

Many MMA fighters come from boxing backgrounds and want to switch careers. It offers lucrative payoffs, as well as exposure worldwide. Many MMA celebrities have expressed an interest to boxing. Dominick Cruz and Anthony Pettis are just a few of the many MMA stars who have expressed an interest in boxing. Even if you don’t think a boxer should make the switch, there are plenty of examples of successful crossovers.

Ana Julaton, a female boxer, is an example of such a woman. She made her professional debut in 2007 and won the world title twice. She also had a career record of 14-4-3. Ana Julaton’s UFC debut was in 2014, and she won by third round TKO against Ronda Rousey. Her boxing success made it easier for female boxers to make the transition into MMA. Dustin Poirier is another example. He has a 22-11 record in MMA, despite not having won a major title.

MMA fighters from a muay Thai background

Although MMA may not be as well-known in Thailand than other martial arts, it is possible for fighters from this discipline to successfully transition into the sport. MMA can take the striking, grappling and submission techniques of muay thai. MMA fighters can win by knockout, decision, or stoppage. A stoppage can also be called by a fight doctor or corner.

Muay Thai has been a popular choice for MMA fighters as it is considered one of the most powerful martial arts. Its simplicity and efficiency make it one of the most efficient fighting styles in MMA. Anderson Silva and Joanna Jedrzejczyk are great fighters with a muaythai background. Jose Aldo, Edson Baroza, Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke are also great.

Muay thai fighters are more tall and use their legs more straightly in MMA than MMA fighters. Muay thai fighters have a high guard and flare their elbows. Their weight is concentrated on their rear leg while their lead leg is relatively lightweight. This means that muay-thai fighters are able to use their leg for defense against takedowns.