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Wallartistry Aging Dust - 8 oz



Aging Dust is a natural compound used for polishing wax. It creates an extra beautiful soft sheen. Used primarily for highly carved or decorative areas such as hardware (it is a wonderful metal polisher as well), the Aging Dust settles into the grooves giving the appearance of age over time. This is often found in fine antiques and high-end furniture pieces.

Directions for use: Apply a slightly heavier-than-normal coat of clear wax using a wax brush and when the wax is no longer wet, but still tacky, sprinkle a generous amount of Aging Dust across the surface and allow to dry for 20-30 minutes (it can be left overnight if desired). Lightly brush off the excess Aging Dust (we sweep onto a sheet of paper and put the excess back into our bottle) and polish the piece with a wax buffing brush. Moving the brush in different directions and with varying amounts of pressure will produce different looks from a soft aging to a stronger more pronounced charcoal colored patina. If your piece has carved details, polish more gently in those areas to leave some Aging Dust behind in the crevices. Gorgeous!

8 ounce bottle

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